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Empress Stonedine Stone-Coated Non Stick Frying Pan Color Red Size 7-7/8" NEW!

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39,99 AUD

NEW Empress Stoneline Stone Coated Non Stick Frying Pan Color Red Sized 7-7/8" DOES NOT COME WITH GLASS LID Stone-Coated Non-Stick Frying Pan! Uniquely designed for healthy cooking! Oil-free cooking retains the vital nutrients of your food! State-of-the-art non-stick technology! Superior scratch resistant performance! The Empress frying pan is a revolutionary breakthrough in non-stick cookware. With a stone-tough interior coating, this unique pan is scratch resistant like no other, even with metal utensils. But that’s not all it does! Just take a look at its other remarkable benefits: Great for cooking sausages , omelettes , eggs , pancakes , vegetables and potatoes. Pan sear like a gourmet chef! Like cooking on a hot stone! The Empress frying pan simulates cooking on a hot stone – a traditional method of cooking that’s popular in Asia. In fact, the surface of the pan actually contains very small stone particles, making it extremely tough and durable. Tasty and healthy cooking every time! Cooking your food without oil seals in its natural flavours, aromas, and vitamins. Just prep the Empress frying pan by rubbing it with oil before using it for the first time and you’ll never have to use oil again. And the result? No sticking! No scorching! The stone coating of this frying pan beats conventional non-stick coatings hands down. And with three layers of this revolutionary non-stick material, the Empress frying pan makes it possible to fry without oil because food doesn’t burn or stick to the surface. Easy to use! Easy to clean! The Empress frying pan can be used with electric and conventional stoves, even induction cookers. It's incredibly energy-efficient, which reduces your cooking time substantially. Cleaning up is a breeze. Just rinse with soapy water and you’re done! Ready for the ultimate cooking experience previously only possible with a hot stone surface? Then you’re ready for the Empress frying pan. Get yours today! How scratch resistant is the Empress frying pan? Scratch marks appeared on ordinary non-stick coatings after roughly 5,000 abrasions with a scouring pad.Scratch marks appeared on premium non-stick coatings after roughly 25,000 abrasions with a scouring pad. Scratch marks appeared on the Empress frying pan’s non-stick coatings after roughly 38,000 to 56,000 abrasions with a scouring pad. Simply amazing! The comparison shows that the Empress frying pan is: Up to 2x more scratch resistant than premium non-stick coatings! Up to 10x more scratch resistant than standard non-stick coatings! The hardest, scratch-resisting coating since the formation of the Swiss Alps! Healthy and nonfat frying, like on a natural hot stone! absolute scratch-resistant non-stick coating: STONELINE®-coatingbest taste - like cooking on a hot stonevitamin gentle cooking without fatresistant like stone but not heavyNon-stick, no scorchingeasy clean effect: inside and outside easy to cleansuitable for all cookers, even induction cookersextra strong, non-distorting basethickness: 4,0 mmmaterial: aluminiumOnly Shipping to the U.S ,Canada and Australia Shipping is $10.00 within the U.S Shipping to Canada will cost $30.00Shipping to Australia will cost $50.00 Check my ratings and Bid with Confidence!. If you want a great deal and fast service then buy this here! Not only do you usually get next day shipping but FREE delivery confirmation to track your package!


  • Type > Skillet/Frying Pan
  • Brand > Stoneline
  • Material > Aluminum
  • Features > Dishwasher Safe Eco-Friendly Non-Stick Oven Safe Stay-Cool Handles
  • Color > Red